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Ciaran White

Workout Programmer

About Ciaran


Ciaran has worked in gyms from the age of 17, and his background in the fitness industry is Cardiac rehabilitation.

Ciaran’s passion for fitness came initially from playing soccer and athletics. He then represented his county (Middlesex) for soccer before playing semi professional football for Kingsbury town and Northwood FC.

When it comes to being a personal trainer, Ciaran says,

“I LOVE my job, it never feels like an effort to go to work because it doesn’t feel like work.  I love working with our clients and assisting them to achieve their goals and getting the best out of them. My training philosophy is positive reinforcement.”

Ciaran is one of the founding members of the RT24 Program, and you’ll see him hosting many of the training videos.


Richard Kernohan

Project Manager

About Richard


Richard, a gym owner and project manager for RT24, has a training philosophy that aims tot allow EVERYONE to experience a style of training that would benefit them physically, mentally and improve their overall health.

This is based on combining the science behind Functional Training, Resistance and HIIT training and presenting this in such a way that everybody is able to take part.

Richard wants to create spaces where normal people, set realistic goals and work hard to achieve these goals. An integral part of that is creating community and making others feel part of the family.

Richard says,

“We always want to be innovative, creating new and improved methods to train. We are continuously tweaking and improving our members’ experience.  This is something we will never stop!”


Estelle Wallace

Creator - Shrink Complete Fitness |

About Estelle


Estelle is the creator of the Shrink Complete Fitness program, and is a fully qualified nutritional therapist and highly qualified in the fitness field and has enjoyed working in the industry for over 20 years and is the Manager of Pure Wellness gym in Galgorm, Northern Ireland.


Shrink complete fitness is booming across the province and has now went global as an online weightloss plan and has hit Dubai, America, Australia, Germany, Norway to name a few but it’s hit Northern Ireland by storm and the results have been outstanding.


Estelle is a contributor to RT24, and you can read her articles on health by visiting here.


Estelle says:


” You don’t have to be smart to be bright. Shrink isn’t just about diet it’s a complete package of health from years of study of the human body and mindsets. Shrink is an education to learn what to eat and why we eat it. It is not a gimmick but rather natural healthy foods that gives super results. Shrink food is all wholesome natural ingredients and is not packed with processed low fat rubbish. If we don’t look after our bodies no one else will.”