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A Half Rep is a no Rep

This statement is something we feel passionate about within RT24. When taking part in a workout we try at all times to encourage full depth and range of movement with each exercise, even if this means sacrificing the intensity of your workout.

It may seem counterintuitive to slow down to concentrate on form in the middle of an intense workout but the following should help to explain our thinking:


Research has shown that working through full range of motion confers superior strength benefits than moving through partial range. You gain the majority of your strength within the specific range of motion through which you move. This means if you continuously neglect the bottom portion of a squat or chest press, you will be significantly weaker in that neglected position.


In order to expend the most calories possible in your workout you need to move through a full range of motion. More muscle fibres are recruited, more work is performed by your muscles, and therefor more calories burned. Within RT24 we concentrate on large compound movements that incorporate all the large muscle groups in the body therefor maximising how many calories you can burn in a short 24 minute window.


Research has shown that by taking part in resistance training and moving through a full range of movement this can help improve your over all flexibility. By keeping your muscles and joints free moving this will help to prevent injury and increase movement patterns as you move into old age.


As in anything in live you only get out what you put in. By cutting corners an not moving to your maximum range of motion then you cannot get the most out of your workout. This is especially important when things start to get tough within the workout you don’t let your standards slip. Its this discipline that will allow you push further than you ever thought possible and get the gains that you want.

To summarise

By continually moving to your full range of motion during a RT24 workout you will, get Stronger, Burn more Calories, Increase your Flexibility and Progress much Quicker. 

So remember in a RT24 workout A Half Rep is a NO Rep!!!

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