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Going Beyond Beginner Gains

Personal records (PRs) come pretty easy for beginners. Your lifts will go up nearly every time you test them, you’ll see dramatic changes in your body too.

However, at some point, the PRs get further and further apart and your physique stops changing as quickly too.


Nice one, you’ve passed the beginner gains phase 😜

It may take more to get you motivated now. Training isn’t going to always be easy or full of PRs. But that doesn’t mean it’s not working.

Most of your sessions will feel pretty average. Not amazing, but not $#*t either. And this is the important phase! This is the area that you’ll improve most.

Why? Because there will be a lot more average days than any other type of day, and accumulating them by simply putting in the time is what will make you a better and more consistent athlete.

A good way to look at it is taking all of your training sessions of the last month and give them a rating of 1-3.

  • Days that get a 3 are PR days
  • Days that are a 2 are your average days.
  • Days that are a 1 leave you pissed off.
  • Now, think of how often you have each of these days. For most people, the terrible training days happen 10% of the time and the awesome training days happen 10% of the time too. So, 80% of your workouts are just average. 👌🏼


It probably doesn’t take long to realize that these PR sessions, don’t come by often. Your improvement doesn’t magically get better or worse in the extremes of your training.

Even when you’re crushing PRs, you’re just demonstrating the strength you slowly built during the average days. The real and lasting improvement is what happens during your average workouts.


So, how can you improve your average?


Focus on your nutrition more – probably the most important factor in my eyes. What are you fuelling your body with? If it’s good, you’ll keep progressing. If you’re trying to out-train a bad diet….. good luck with that, you’ll find out soon enough it doesn’t work 🤦🏽


Focus on rest & recovery – let your body repair itself, recovery only happens when we decrease our stress levels. Sleep is a massive factor in recovery so start prioritising it.😴


Deep/ soft tissue work – stretching, foam rolling, massage therapy, dry needling. It’s all good start bringing it all into your training.🧘🏼

Cheers if you read this far down, hope this helps you a little bit… bad days come but focus and get through them 😊



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