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The Truth Hurts – Sometimes

As a personal trainer this is the bread and butter of the industry, I’d say roughly 90% of the gym population want to lose weight or as many calls it ‘TONE UP’, it’s that simple.


How many of them achieve the goal they set themselves, your guess is as good as mine. But one thing I do know is there are a few reasons why people regularly fail, if you’re reading this you may have even fallen foul of one of these to be listed or even all of them!


Let’s get to it then.


number one

You just don’t have any patience or perseverance what so ever. It’s very cliché but it’s the truth, and if at any point I hurt your feelings I won’t apologise because it probably needs someone like me to stop feeding you the bull$#*t your friends and family do. Back to my original point, you want everything now and that just won’t happen, for example you’ve spent months and months eating, drinking, partying doing whatever the hell you like and then suddenly you click your fingers, go to the gym for one week and expect to look like a God(dess). Sorry, MATE, that doesn’t happen and if it did we as a country wouldn’t be up$#*t creek without a paddle when it comes to an obesity problem.


number two

You don’t know what a calorie is, you don’t know what a calorie does, you don’t know even know how to spell calorie… Until you just read it three times over! So, without the science and to keep it simple, your body has a set number of calories per day you can consume from food and drink to help you stay alive, then a set amount for you to maintain weight and then above or below this amount you will be in a deficit or a surplus. In a deficit and you will lose weight, in a surplus and you will gain weight, how you get there is up to you whether that’s eating less or more, training less or more but one way or another you must know (roughly) how many calories you are consuming and how many calories you are expending per day… If you don’t, then I’ll explain it clearly, you’re screwed!


Number 3

You think that CARDIO is how you lose weight! How wrong can one individual be, cardio will help you get in to a calorie deficit by burning anything from 1 up to infinite numbers of calories of the days, weeks, months and years of your training, but it wont mean anything if you still stuff your face full of food and drink and over consume on the calories. Cardio is merely a tool to help you towards your goal, it changes your energy balance and gets you closer to that calorie deficit but the number one thing you need to do to hit your goal is simple… Be patient, persevere, and control your calorie input against your calorie output.




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