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What Matters Most?

There’s lots of important training and nutrition principles when it comes to trying to lose fat or build muscle. However, there’s one principle that stands tall on it’s own…above just about everything else.


And it’s not the following:

  • The most optimal nutrition plan in the world!
  • The most optimal training plan in the world!
  • Any supplement.
  • Progressive overload.
  • Nutrient timing
  • How close your post workout shake is in relation to your workout.


Some of the above have their place, some are not important at all.


So, what is it?

It’s ADHERENCE…or your ability to be CONSISTENT with a particular approach over a prolonged period of time. You see, even if you’re following the most optimal plan in the world…if you cannot stick to it consistently, you will get worse results than a slightly sub-optimal plan performed consistently!


So, what’s the message here?

Stop searching for the next magic bullet…focus on being consistent with the information you currently have about training and nutrition…even if it’s not the most optimal approach…if you’re consistent, you’ll get better results than a more effective approach performed inconsistently. You can always adjust your approach further down the road and make your approach better in the future…but get to work now…get moving on the information you currently have.


Remember, consistency/adherence trumps everything!


Now, get to work!



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